Father’s Day is coming up in a fortnight.To that end,today I am playing agony uncle to those who have no idea how to treat their dads on Father’s Day.

Fathers are the guys who do thankless duties around the house. Quite often, it’s hard to get something to tell them how much you appreciate them.

Conversely, it’s even harder to know what dads wants, seeing that when you bought him a designer suit that cost you three salaries, he simply grunted ‘thank you’ and went back to his cows.

So, what makes a good gift for a dad?

First, let it be something that can earn him bonga points among his fellow men. A glitzy watch that he can tell his fellow men- ‘you see this watch-it was bought for me by Wanja. The man who will marry that girl will be a lucky chap.’ It’s not just about the price of the gift-but the idea that he brought up a good girl who can appreciate a man.

Nothing makes a man happier than knowing the he didn’t bring up ruffians but model children. When you do this, your dad will wear your name on his chest like a ribbon.

Two, buy him a gift that shows that you appreciate his career, however humble-for that’s where he derives meaning. It doesn’t matter whether he is a forever dusty grave digger or over loaned civil servant. Showing him that you appreciate his career is a way of re-affirming his place amongst men-and all men need that.

Third, get him a gift that embraces his imperfections. If he sanitizes his throat way too much with gins that can almost knock you down, buy him a pricey mzinga. It will be your way of telling him that he can drink clean. Father’s day is not about finding a perfect dad, but about learning to see an imperfect dad perfectly.

In addition, relive the past for him. If he has a collection of old Beatles vinyls that are no longer playable, buy for him a CD with some crisp Beatles pop charters from his youth plus a boom player to enjoy the music. Thank me later.

We are aware that times are hard, its mwezi corner and thus it might be a tough call to get old man something for this day. Fret not-just get an item from your house you value highly but which dad will value even more.

Also, buy him something he doesn’t want, but something that he needs. A want is a heart’s desire -a need is something he can’t do without.

Finally, some of us may not have had a man to call dad. Either he went to be with the Lord, or fled to the hills when he heard that your mom was pregnant with you or for some other reason. Do not wallow in self-pity-just get that uncle or boss or any other mubaba who somehow played a father figure in your life and appreciate him in whichever little way.

Luckily,in this digital age,one is spoilt for choice about the gifts that once can buy his or her old man.Below is a list of amazing gifts that will make your old man bless you abundantly:

1. Worlds best dad cap

2.Shiatsu back shoulder and neck massager

3.Outdoor bluetooth speaker with torch LED light

Go ahead,make your dads day with the above amazing stuff on Father’s Day.Thank us later.

Gilbert Mwangi

Creative writer,dreamer,and Drum Major for all things true.


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