I am reliably informed that a certain Wagithomo lass has had her nude videos and photos leaked into the public- triggering a hormonal tumult among menfolk.But since I am junior elder, I have neither interest nor intention to watch that leaked nudity.

I am told that in the video she had nothing on, not even the radio.But despite all these temptations, I wont watch it.It’s a ‘mugiro’ punishable by a fine of several goats for a junior elder to enjoy such conjugal indecency.

Men who are less morally grounded like yours truly have been going gaga over her ‘au naturel’ features. Her curves which rival those of a Murang’a countryside have given many men sleepless nights. Some have even been seen zooming on her photos. It’s what’s hidden that men are always interested in.

Some men have been calling her ‘mboga kienyeji‘ which I am made to believe alludes to her folksy looks and rawness. But since I haven’t watched that clip, I will let that slide.

Other men have been analyzing her, describing her anointing in glowing terms. Others have been decrying her lack of some critical part, the way you’d say a chicken you slaughtered didn’t have a ‘kaigangiu’ or gizzard. When you bare all, guys start analyzing you like a quartered cow hanging in a butcher’s shop. In a way, people kill you.

But let’s for once assume that that Wagithomo girl is my uncle’s daughter.Over Christmas, she lands in the village in those tiny cars Nairobi girls hire to wow villagers.The cars that run on three AAA batteries like remote controls.

Aunty Jerusha- the pious lady who ends every sentence with ‘mwathani agoocwo’-have already gotten wind of her daughter’s unChristian exploits in the city. So she is waiting for her- like my people say- like a bus. But my analogue uncle is clueless about it all.

‘Thuthana ndoiga guku ndurarara!’Susan you won’t sleep here! Aunty shrieks at Susan as she sashays towards the house, her angel-white dress with a thousand frills lighting up the way.

‘Kwani nime-do?’ Susana asks, lifting her cosmopolitan shades and placing them on her forehead.After a short altercation, uncle appears with a machete in hand, wanting to know the cause of the ruckus.

Si ni mom anazusha juu ya ile vida yangu ilitrend.Hajui vile imeleta likes kwa channel yangu ya Youtube na pale Instagram’. She tells her dad in that nasalized Swahili characteristic of Nairobi girls.

Uncle, removes a half-smoked stub of kiraiko from behind his ear, lights it up and for five minutes tries to digest what he has heard.

He finally asks her_Have you brought your mother some sugar?’ The girl nods and waves 5kg of Mumias sugar she bought at Maguna’s supermarket in Muranga town. Plus a bale of unga and other foodstuffs. The last time uncle saw such heavy shopping was during the coffee boom days.

Make some tea for the guest.Uncle tells aunty.Its actually an order since he says it while pointing his machete at her.The now smiling video vixen then greases a well folded brown note into uncle’s palm.

‘Daddy,we are soldiering on in the big city’.Susana tells his dad, acting up daddy’s girl.

‘Strive on by any means; money is money.’Uncle answers back with one of his many truisms. The daddy’s girl interprets that ‘money is money line to mean that she can make another primal video to trend.

All of you who enjoyed the debut video, Wagithomo Reloaded is coming soon. The second anointing, if you like, is on the way.

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